The Core ramps up the energy at games

The Core student section cheers at the Varsity football game earlier in the season.

The Core student section cheers at the Varsity football game earlier in the season.

by Harrison Dover

The Core is a feature at home sporting events, and this year it is more active than ever.

Seniors Paul Seyferth and Chris Dibble–along with many other students–run the Core’s Twitter to update students  on upcoming plans for the sporting events during the year.

“I would definitely say the Core is my passion,” Seyferth said.

Seyferth  believes that when more students join the Core, the better the games will be.

But, not all students feel they can join the Core.

Many freshman feel they are not included in the Core, which is not the case.  Seyferth says that “kicking freshman out” is not what the senior leaders want. Unfortunately, some underclassmen feel they have the power to exclude freshmen.

Seyferth believes that if everyone was welcome in the Core, sporting events, like the upcoming Homecoming game,  will be more enjoyable for everyone.
And they would probably also be more rowdy then they already are.

Junior Michael Hughes described the Core at recent games in two words: “Mosh pit.”

Earlier in the season, students were removed from the Core for over-the-top yelling and swearing, along with crowd surfing.

Since then, the administration has made clear that that type of behavior won’t be tolerated. As Athletic Director Shane Redshaw put it, he would enjoy the games more if he didn’t have to see “half-naked guys” running around with paint all over them.

“The Core is definitely capable of being a normal student section,” Redshaw said, and if the Core keeps up good behavior then the games will most likely be more exciting for everyone.


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