Stoney Student Victimized by Cyber Bullying

 by Diamond Deshazer

“If you don’t give me what I want I’m going to rape you and do something horrible to your family.”

That was the Facebook post senior Shaleah Thomas saw on her wall in her freshman year. Foreshadowing the cyber bullying she would have to hold in for the next three years of her life.

The scared-out-of-her-mind Thomas received another message from this anonymous person on Facebook. Only two weeks after the last threat, after two weeks of staying away from Facebook.

“I’m coming for you, watch your back.”

And then two weeks turned into every day.

Thomas held it in, always crying to herself. But then she made the decision to reach out to her sister Crystal, a sophomore in college at the University of Michigan. As her sister heard about the cyber threats, all she did was scream:


For two more years she didn’t.

Two years later, when Thomas was at the point of bursting, she sat her parents down. She told them about the anonymous man threatening to kill her family.

And that’s when she burst into tears and a screamed, “Mommy! I’M SCARED!”

Thomas’ mother immediately reacted in a way that left Thomas hanging off the edge.

“What do you want me to do about it, you should stay off those websites. You know they’re dangerous.”

But no action was done except for praying. At school she even shut down, going from a talkative girl to  self-conscious.

At the final year of her Facebook cyber bullying,Thomas’ daily threats led her to shut down all her social network accounts. With the name of the man still anonymous.

Today, Thomas’ decision to never look back on those accounts left her doing great in school and looking forward to graduating in June of 2014.

As far as the anonymous man, an 18-year-old boy who cyber bullied her for 3 years– she never heard from him again.


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