Students Contribute to Community with Canned Food Drive

Students bring in cans to support Student Council's canned food drive.

Students bring in cans to support Student Council’s canned food drive.

by Rachel Tudor

Student Council will hold a canned food drive through first hour classes Nov. 18- Nov. 22.  Students will compete to raise the most cans and money, with the winning class receiving a prize that is yet to be revealed.  According to junior Caroline Bracey, Neighborhood House, a charity dedicated to serving the community, will be given all that is received.

“We hope to make a difference with the drive, even if it’s small,” Student Council member Kaylee Dimoff said.

Students will have the opportunity to contribute by bringing in cans every morning to their class, adding points to their overall score.  Students will be able to contribute to their classes’ chance of winning while helping the community through their donations.In order to announce the winner, the cans must be collected and counted everyday.

According to Student Council member Melissa Ruprich, they will be advertising and informing leading up to the event, making sure everyone is aware of the point system to prepare for it.

“I’m excited for the canned food drive,” freshman Mackenzie Warner said. “I think it will be really neat to see how Stoney Creek can help out others.”


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