Cougars Couldn’t Come Through

Cougars lining up on offense against the Rochester Adams Highlander's defense. Photo by Megan Sennett

Cougars lining up on offense against the Rochester Adams Highlander’s defense. Photo used by permission of Megan Sennett

by Ryan Sennett

For the first time since 2008 the Varsity Football team made the playoffs. And they got paired up against none other than crosstown rival Rochester Adams.

The Cougars’ high paced offense was supposed to catch the Adams defense off guard, but the Highlanders stepped up to the plate and ¬†played one of their best games, beating Stoney 17-7.

Adams put up the first two scores of the game with a touchdown and a field goal, but then the Cougars put a drive together and senior Nick Rangos put it in on a 19 yard touchdown run.

“Our defense played solid all game but we had a lot of trouble protecting the quarterback on offense, making developing a pass game impossible,” junior Alex Hadd said.

The score stayed the same until the fourth quarter when the Cougars drove all the way into the Highlanders’ red zone and senior Justin Allor threw an interception, resulting in a turnover and a Highlander touchdown that sealed the game.

“Our defense played a decent game, but our offense was slow to start and and couldn’t get dialed in.” said junior Andrew Price.


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