Students, teachers go on wilderness trip

Teacher Dave Thomson

Teacher Dave Thomson

by: Adrian Munteanu

Four teachers and fourteen students embarked on a voyage near the Manistee River in north-western Michigan for four days and three nights. The trip took place Nov. 4 to Nov. 7 and tested the students’ survival abilities, problem solving, teamwork, and independence, according to mathematics teacher and survivalist Dave Thomson.

“It was fantastic. The weather was not a vacation at the beach, but the weather was, I think, ideal for a trip like that,” Thomson said. “For camping in November, I thought it was pretty good.”

Not good enough, however, for some students. Many students backed out of the trip “at the last-minute” after doubting their ability to start a fire in a preparatory test. The chilly weather report for the week also caused many to also take that way out. But those who remained seemed relieved and accomplished, according to Thomson.

“I think, to another student, they all said they’re glad they did it and I didn’t hear anybody griping or complaining,” Thomson said. “They had every opportunity to complain. To be like, ‘This trip sucks! I’m cold, I’m wet, and I’m eating re-hydrated noodles.’ But they didn’t and they were all very positive throughout it.”

Apparently some students were even thinking of taking the journey again next year. Yet the question remains, if more students are up to the challenge that others backed down from?


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