The Month of Movember

Sophmore Colin Stanley

Sophomore Colin Stanley

by: Adrian Munteanu

The past month of November is often associated with the crisp, chill transition from autumn to winter, the Thanksgiving festivities, and maybe even the opportunity to, or the sight of, preemptively put up holiday decorations. But another annual event has squeezed its way among the others, Movember.

Movember, the combination of mustache and November, or as it’s sometimes called No-Shave November, is the month-long event to where men will forbid the use of a razor. Originally done to raise awareness for men’s health issues, it’s grown to the point where people will simply joined for the novelty of the abstinence from the shave. One being sophomore Colin Stanley.

“I felt like it,” Stanley said. “I’ve been told my beard makes me look homeless. I guess it does.”

Stanley is capable of nurturing a substantial amount of hair “everywhere” as he claims, yet he hold his stance on that it’s a blessing, not a curse. He even has an idol when it comes to the matter.

“Dali,” Stanley said. “Salvador Dali, the painter. Have you seen his mustache?”

Learn more of the event to take part next year and donate to its cancer fund here!


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