“Artistic Trading Cards” take over National Arts Society

by Anna Butters

The National Arts Society club has added a new feature to their club called “Artists Trading Cards” this year.

The leaders of National Arts Society, Seniors Sam Bertin and Braeden Whitla, came up with the idea for the club over summer– but the idea of the cards came from an assignment in eighth grade.

“I decided the cards would be a good addition to the club,” Bertin said.

The artistic cards work with each member of National Arts Society putting their favorite creations on any type of 2 x 3.5 inch material. Members are welcome to use any type of canvas for their creation. They can use leather, clay, paper, or plastic.They then trade the cards among each other.

The National Arts Society hopes to soon trade their cards with students in different states, or even in different countries across the world.


Sam Bertin’s drawing for his trading card.


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