Stoney Band “Fifth and Main”

by Anna Butterfield

Talent lurks left and right throughout all of Stoney Creek, some known and some unknown.

For Fifth And Main band members, Brady Beau and Jack Stablein, their recognition and talent grows more and more everyday.

“This is what we live for and love doing! We’ve been playing ever sense we were kids.” Junior Jack Stablein said. “Fifth And Main first started with just us brothers, but about five months ago we added 3 new members to the band.”

Most of the indie alternative rock bands inspiration comes from fellow artists like John Mayor, The Fray, The Gaslight Anthem, Kings of Leon and The Script. According to  Fifth And Mains Facebook.

“There’s a lot of work and planning we have to do to get our name out,” Beau Stablein said. “Balancing from being in a band to being a student isn’t always that easy.”

Fifth And Main have recently played in many shows over the past few months, but one they’re especially looking forward to is playing in the ballroom of The Crofoot on the 21st of December.


Photo of Fifth And Main. Jack Stablein (back middle), Sam Clayman (back right), Max Schafer (front right), Beau Stablein (front left), Brady Stablein (back left), Cam LaFrance (front middle).


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