Adrian Analyzes: Holiday Sensitivity

Sophomore Adrian Munteanu

Sophomore (Me) Adrian Munteanu

by: Adrian Munteanu

T’is the season of not joy, no that time is long gone, but offense and stern looks. A season that more and more different people and cultures are being integrated in to spread the joy often associated with the time of year. It is the season of Christmas, Hanukkah (quite early this year), Kwanzaa, and many other celebrations and observations. It’s gone from “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays” in this country. Whether you say one, the other, or even none, someone is bound to be offended by it, fairly ironic and out-of-place considering it’s the time of supposedly high spirits and jolly dispositions.

There are two sides to this issue. One is those who say the seasonal phrases. Now I believe that an individual should say whatever their mood or situation dictates or whatever they may be comfortable with saying. There’s no way to assume one’s stance on the festivities of the season, thus a good-natured phrase should suffice. Just smile and seem joyful and there’s nothing else that could be done.

Yet the other side of this minor problem is the more major part. It’s the individual whom was told the season phrase. Now no matter of what opinion, mood, culture, race, dogma, creed, and so on that you may be, the right thing to do is to simply respond politely with “thank you” (if you’re feeling a little wild use a “you too”). In the far too many cases where people were unsatisfied by the seasonal saying, they would: correct the phrase and its speaker, give a disgusted look, and maybe even cause a scene. Companies and organizations try to prevent this by using the all-encompassing “Happy Holidays”, but it just doesn’t make everyone and anyone happy.

There have been claims of a “War on Christmas”, that in this nation the most popular and celebrated holiday by both Christians and non-Christians is facing the threat of being overthrown by another holiday. This is outrageously false. Each year Christmas grows. The shopping starts sooner, the decorations put earlier, and its influence grows.

Next time you receive a kind remark about all of the holidays or just a specific one, take it as the compliment it is. No matter if it conflicts with your views or if you view it just plain wrong. Causing uproar about it will only make them think less about saying what does correspond with your beliefs. And if you’re giving out the seasonal saying or whatever they may be called, say what’s appropriate. And when in doubt, a “Happy Holidays” never hurt someone. Well, at least they claim it did.

Merry Chr- I mean, Happy Holidays, ya filthy animals! (A slightly altered, yet classic line from Home Alone 2).


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