Cross-Town Rivals Met Early in the Season

Stoney Creeks team photo. photo by Bob Talbot

Stoney Creeks team photo. photo by Bob Talbot

by Ryan Sennett-

For the second Varisty basketball game but first cross-town rivalry game of  the season, Stoney Creek wins against Rochester 55-34 on Dec.13. After this win and the  69-40 win against Utica on their first game, this season has a lot of potential.

Stoney has a relatively young team with several starting juniors and four sophomores while The Falcons are a senior heavy team and have lost their star James Young to the University of Kentucky.

Even without their star, the Falcons have been a solid team.

Two years ago Stoney went 0-17, but they have moved down a division and received good players such as junior Eric Gilgenbach, junior Jack Allen, and senior Charlie Carson.

Throughout their first Rochester game, the Cougars were in the lead. 14-4 after the first period, 28-8 at half. After this easy victory against a cross-town rival, the season officially goes off on a good start.

“I’m excited for this season to play out,” Gilgenbach, a 3 year starter who endured the 0-17 season said. “We should be the best team to come through the school.”

To see the rest of Stoney’s basketball schedule go to MaxPreps


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