Earth Advocates Collects Money For Hand Dryers

by Kara Blackburn

To make one ton of paper towels, 17 trees are used and 20,000 gallons of water is polluted, according to A group of people has finally decided to step up to avoid purchasing paper towels by installing hand dryers in the school bathrooms. Earth Advocates.

The Earth Advocates club hosted their second annual Java Jam, a creative talent show that is held with the purpose of raising money for a cause of their choice. It was held on Feb. 7 in the auditorium. This year, their cause of choice was using the money earned for hand dryers.

“The whole point of this is to reduce our carbon footprint,” science teacher Alex DeSantis, adviser of the Earth Advocates, said. “I read that for every hand dryer replacing a paper towel dispenser, you can save six trees and a couple thousand gallons of water every year.”

Since paper towels aren’t recyclable, they’re purely a waste product, according to

Another reason for dedicating their profit to the purchase of hand dryers in school was to be able to watch their progress. After reflecting on the cause they donated their money to last year, they realized they wanted to directly observe the impact their money had this year, according to DeSantis.

So that raises the question, where should they be placed?

DeSantis suggests putting them in the bathrooms of the highest grade, the seniors.

“Honestly, I would say the senior locker bank just because as seniors you kind of get special treatment. We could stick one in the girls’ bathroom and one in the boys’. It’s somewhere to start,” DeSantis said.

Installing hand dryers is a lot of work and destroying the infrastructure of the school is required. Therefore, this would most likely not take place during school hours, forcing the project to be detained for now.

Considering the amount of people this idea is going to have to be proposed to, the actual installing of hand dryers probably won’t take place for a while.

“Assuming that it’s going to be a really long process, which most things through the school are, it will most likely be towards the end of the year,” DeSantis said.


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