Fighting In Hockey: Professional VS High School

Stoney Creek Varsity Hockey vs Berkley where Junior Matt Wojno defends his goal

Stoney Creek Varsity Hockey vs Berkley: Junior Matt Wojno defends his goal

by Ryan Sennett

On Jan.18, a mass fight broke out between a professional hockey game between the Vancouver Canucks and the Calgary Flames. Can such a fight happen at a high school hockey game?

In high school hockey there are many repercussions such as suspension, or even expulsion for fighting.

“I feel like fighting in hockey is a big part of the higher leagues to fire up your team, but in high school, players are not as skilled and it becomes dangerous due to players falling and hurting themselves,” senior Hayden Richardson, captain of the Varsity hockey team said.

A physical fight between teams has the potential to rally up the losing team, causing them to put more focus into the game.

“Fights used to be a big influence in the outcome of the game and could bring a losing team back into the game, but leagues have been tightening their rules on fighting,” junior Alex Postlmayr said. “While this does help avoid unnecessary fights, it also diminishes the positives of fighting.”

For professional hockey teams, positives include getting the teams into the game. But for high school teams, getting back into the game must be done through big plays or big hits– not big fights.

“Our coach doesn’t want us getting hurt, sitting in the penalty box, or getting suspended from school,” Richardson said.


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