Robotics Team Kick Off the New Season

Senior Jason Merlo poses with the robot test chassis. Photo by Simon Sun.

Senior Jason Merlo poses with the robot test chassis. Photo by Simon Sun.

by Simon Sun


Aerial Assist was revealed as the 2014 game on Jan 6. Used with permission of FIRST.

The Stoney-Adams united robotics team, the AdamBots, kicked off their season on Jan. 5 at Novi High School. The 2014 game, Aerial Assist, was revealed and teams were officially allowed to begin planning, designing, and building their robots.

According to FIRST (For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), teams are given six weeks to create a robot to play each year’s game. This year, teams were presented with the challenge of Aerial Assist. The game focuses on cooperation between robots, with alliances earning more points per goal scored for each robot that touches the ball.

“It’s certainly unique,” senior and project manager Jason Merlo said. “Past years have been all about scoring, but this year success is much more dependent on strategy rather than on the quality of the robot because of the assist points.”

Due to their tight timeframe, the AdamBots took a hit following the three snow days on the week of Jan. 6. Merlo, however, remains optimistic.

“The team leaders still managed to meet outside of school,” he said. “We were able to proceed with the design process, and we are only about a day behind, which we should be able to make up.”

According to their website, the AdamBots finished as a quarterfinalist last season in the Galileo division at the FIRST world championships. This season, Merlo hopes to continue that success.

“I really want to do well in my last season,” he said. “But it’s a fairly different game this year, so we need to strategize well to be successful.”


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