Library Under Construction

This week, the library staircase is inaccessible due to construction. The construction was the first of two parts planned for the library. (photo by Tori Phelps)

by Tori Phelps

The only staircase in the Rochester Hills Public Library (RHPL) is currently under construction. According to a poster taped in the elevator, the library is installing terrazzo, a new flooring for the staircase. The material is more durable, maintainable, and affordable than other options.

An article on the Rochester Patch states that the construction on the stairs will take two weeks. In the meantime, visitors can use the elevator to get between the two floors.

Hilary Maurin, a part-time worker at the adult reference desk, believes that the construction does not affect her work much.

“The noise has been a little bit more than normal, but it’s not anything that’s keeping us from doing what we normally do, so it’s not anything too bad,” Maurin said.

According to the Rochester Patch, the RHPL is also planning to expand the south side to allow for more accessible drive-in returns and pick-ups and for the installation of a materials handling system. That construction will take place this summer.

Maurin does not expect the summer construction work to be much of a disturbance, either.

“It’s an expansion,” she said. “We’re not really going to be closing any of the public parts of the library.”

And according to Maurin, the expansion is needed.

“It’s my understanding that the drive-up window is really difficult for the patrons to drive up to,” she said. “It’s really shaped strangely, so there’ve been quite a few times where people have gotten wedged in there or come really close to the building.”


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