Choral Festival

by Kevin Shin

Choir member Stephen Beck

Choir member Stephen Beck

Choir member Stephen Beck sang with various choirs  at the Choral festival in the E wing from Mar. 12 to 13.

The Choral Festival was a gathering of choir groups across the county to be evaluated by the experts in the field.

Beck is a member of both the Concert choir and the Men’s Combined choir, and sings along with them during the evaluations.

“We practice for a little bit, and after we are done preparing, we perform two songs,” Beck said.

After singing the selected songs, they are critiqued on their performance.

“They say what they liked about our singing, and what they didn’t like,” Beck said.

Following the singing critique, the choirs go into a sight-reading room, where they read a random piece of music that does not contain words, but contains musical note patterns instead. After reading the piece, they then are evaluated by a judge of sight-reading.

The five choirs that did best were Stoney Creek’s.

“It was a really fun event that we had the chance to do, it makes you feel like what you do in the choir is important,” Beck said.

Here is a link to the vocal music department.


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