Pippin cast bonds through friendly lip-sync competition

by Chase Heinemann

The cast of this year’s spring musical will participate in an informal competition this afternoon, following their usual rehearsal.

Following an announcement made by director Steven Book last week, cast members were quick to break up into groups to tackle a variety of music staples of all styles.

Junior Tommy Anglim, for example, will be performing a selection from the popular Broadway musical, Hairspray. Having always enjoyed the story’s vibrant score, Anglim appreciates the opportunity to take on music from shows that Stoney has not done.

“I will be playing Edna with Melly Houghton and Anna Birmingham in our version and I couldn’t be more excited!” Anglim said.

In the context of the show, Edna is a character with quite a bit of notriety behind it, because it has been famously portrayed by the likes of John Travolta in the film and Harvey Fierstein in the original Broadway cast.

Senior Angela DiFranco is also looking forward to the get-together because she gets the chance to perform a song from her favorite musical, Sweeney Todd

“There was a chance at the beginning of the year where we all tried to convince Mr. Book that it should be our spring musical, but that fell through, so we now get to sing from it!” DiFranco said.

Book hopes that cast events such as this will help bring the already tight-knit group even closer together.

Anglim agrees and looks forward to times like this in the future.

“Honestly, I just think this is whatever the students make it!” he said.


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