Model UN pushes towards becoming a class

by Mila Murray

Model UN was established as a club by junior Praneeth Kumar last year, and since then they have won 6 awards at the Michigan State Model UN Conference. Schools they went up against had Model UN as a class instead of a club, therefore had a lot of advantages club adviser Steven Book took note of. By next year, Book wants to have Model UN listed on the scheduling card instead of the club list.

“I’m basically not spending any individualized time with students,” Book said, “so if we had it as a class i would be able to spend one on one time and help students prepare.”

The club sometimes has up to 100 people attending the meetings. According to Book, even with a Model UN class they would still include the club. Ambassadors would facilitate research during class and then help out the club members with mock debates.

“I could probably figure out a curriculum for [the Model UN class] just as easy as I would for any of the major social studies classes,” Book said.

As of right now, Model UN club members are sending emails to administration, expressing their interest in the new class.

“I’m directing the musical right now,” Book said. “As soon as the musical is done my main focus will be trying to see what we can do to get Frau Dunning to be a second adviser for the club or if it’s a class, I’ll be able to have those 55 minutes of individualized attention to just Model United Nations.”

To get more information on the MSU Model UN conference click here.


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