Adrian Analyzes: Believing (or not) in Evolution

Me, Adrian.

Me, Adrian.

by: Adrian Munteanu

Evolution is what determined the physical state of every single living creature today. True or false? Depends on who you ask.
Ever since Darwin sketched up this theory, it has met resistance, or rather denial, to its legitimacy as an actual phenomenon.
Evolution, in practice, is the development of a species over a long period of time in which random mutations alter genetic code to give one organism an advantage or disadvantage in living. This is used in determining its chance of surviving through natural selection.
Live another day and receive the opportunity to pass genetic code by producing off spring and leave a mark in the species forever. Or die and never be immortalized as anything but a mutant failure (bit harsh). Natural selection chooses the advantageous mutation over the disadvantage, so usually organists receive advantages rather than disadvantages.
That is what evolution is and what so many Americans dangerously deny. It’s dangerous because they will most likely spread their ideas to their children, who which will then share it to their own children and so on. It’s kind of like evolution but without any natural selection this disadvantages mutation keeps spreading.
The main reason for refusing to believe is fear. To acknowledge a beautiful and complex phenomenon as evolution would compromise their faith since they believe they are doubting the existence of a meaning to life, which most religions refute, according to Psychology Today. The hope of an existential meaning reduces the fear of death. Denying a grand design, or rather designer, takes a step towards acknowledging a meaningless existence which goes back to the fear of death.
Now how many people don’t believe in evolution? According to a survey done in April of 2013 by Pew Forum, a decently sized amount of the American population:
33 percent of all American adults reject any notion of human evolution. Acceptance varies between religion, race, and even political party.
White evangelical protestants have the highest percentages of non-believers of human evolution at 64 percent, while 50 percent of black protestants do not believe in human evolution. 76 percent of those unaffiliated with religion believe in human evolution and even more white mainline protestants also believe in human evolution at 78 percent. A divide between democrats and republicans over human revolution has been growing over the past years. In 2009, 54 percent of republicans believed in human evolution when 64 percent of democrats did. In 2013, 43 percent of republicans did while democrats moved up to 67 percent.
Now how is this a danger. I believe it is a danger to all of society when evolution (of any kind) is not taken as fact. The evidence is overwhelming. For evolution to even be considered a “theory” it needs a substantial amount of legitimate evidence.On top of that it’s simple common sense for an organism to adapt to its environment. It stunts the progression of society to advance while digging deeper into old dogmas. But in no way would evolution mean one should abandon their faith.
There is a middle-ground that is more than enough in advancing forward in thinking while not abandoning religion or its values. That is a demographic which believes fully in evolution, but believes it is guided by a supreme being, which is not false. The development of new traits through evolution is completely random due to it being based on extremely rare errors in duplicating DNA and what causes an error is unknown so the concept of a supreme being is not out of the question.
Half of white mainline protestants believe in the guiding of evolution by a supreme being, 36 percent of white mainline protestants.24 percents of all adults believe in the fact that human evolution is driven by a supreme being versus 32 percent who believe it is an entirely natural process, once again according to Pew Forum.
As time goes on it is certain that new ideas will arise and will be possibly be struck down based on the ideas already integrated into society. Evolution is one of those ideas going through that process. By accepting new ideas  we can advance together, old ideas aren’t meant to stay. But religion will not fade out anytime soon, as long as old ideas may coexist with the new, there is no reason to abandon what we’ve conserved for thousands of years. Just as there is no reason to deny any new, contrary ideas either.

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