Math Team Competes in Math Field Day

by Simon Sun

To some, math is just a grueling subject that puts them to sleep. To others, it’s a highly competitive sport of the mind.

On March 7, five members of the Math Club competed in the annual “Math Field Day,” hosted at the University of Michigan Flint. The team finished in fifth place in the large school division.

According to math teacher Dave Thomson, the day-long event is a collection of various events, including individual events such as “Mad Hatter,” a rapid-fire questionnaire where each problem is only allotted one minute to solve, and team events such as the “Relay”, a race where each answer is needed to solve the next problem.

“It’s the challenge aspect [that’s appealing,]” Thomson said. “When you are finally able to solve something challenging, it becomes very satisfying and rewarding.”

Sophomore Jake DeGasperis agrees.

“It’s taught me a lot about problem solving and teamwork,” DeGasperis said.

The team’s next competition is the “Purple Comet,” taking place next month.

To learn more or to try previous years’ problems, visit the UM Flint Math Field Day website.


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