Sharing Her Spirit

by: Adrian Munteanu

It simply took some lack of attention as one drove to end the life of a beloved individual. On Oct. 28, 2013, Hailey Brouillet was killed in a car accident at the intersection of Rochester Road and Hamlin. Ever since the event, her boyfriend Dominic Gaudino has started up a campaign to honor Brouillet’s outlook on life and her spirit aptly named “Share Her Spirit”. On the week of March 17, student teacher Chris Mason shared this to his students in hopes that they too will share her spirit.

According to Mason, there are two main reasons for telling Brouillet’s story.

“The vision of ‘Share Her Spirit’ includes multiple fundraising events that will allow the ‘Hailey Brouillet Study Abroad Scholarship’ to be awarded on an annual basis,” Mason said. “The second reason behind telling this story is to raise awareness and remind others that there are people dealing with tragedy all around us. The goal of this is to create a network and give others that are dealing with tragedy an outlet.”

Mason claims he has been a “life-long friend” to Gaudino and was approached by him to somehow share Brouillet’s story to his students to which Mason began “100 Days, 100 Ways”.

The progress of 100 Days, 100 Ways as of March 18.

The progress of 100 Days, 100 Ways as of March 18.

“I did not just want to tell my students about the tragedy, I also wanted to see a positive outcome from this tragedy,” Mason said. “I asked Dom [Gaudino], what would Hailey’s main message would be if she could give one to High School students?”

Gaudino was not short on any answers, according to Mason.

Some of the messages Broillet tried both to live by an share included:
“Wake up with a smile.”
“Change somebody’s day for the better.”
“Treasure the little things”
“Always ask ‘Why not?”

Mason says that “100 Days, 100 Ways was a challenge for his students, and anyone else willing to join, “to make a positive difference, regardless of degree, in somebody else’s life every day for 100 days”. 100 days represented the days until the end of the school year.

“I encourage my students to submit their good deeds to me, anonymously,” Mason said. “I will then post our good deeds on my bulletin board as an encouraging reminder to the rest of the students to do good for others around them.”

Ironically enough, Mason has never actually met Brouillet, he claims.

“Your outlook and attitude on life is contagious,” Mason said. “It can, and will, affect more than just the people in which you come in contact.”

Mason believes that through 100 Days, 100 Ways, he has asked his students one question.

“Hailey made the world a better place every day and I am now asking my students to do the same,” Mason said. “‘Why not’ make the world a better place?”

The current progress of 100 Days, 100 Ways can be seen in room A238 on the left board when entering.



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